• 1st Quarter 2017 Market Review

    In 2016 we saw an average increase in house prices of 3.5% compared to 2015. This is a brad average of course and location and property style can influence this considerably.Read More »
  • Paul Rolfe Estates, we don’t sell property, we sell viewings

    Properties with what was once described to me as a ‘disadvantageous’ homes (main road, proximity to sewage works, next door to a takeaway, etc) – need more skill and effort to sell them, as do homes.....Read More »
  • Brexit, Panic, Panic AND BREATHE

    So the votes are in and we are leaving the EU, except there is a little doubt that we will actually do it. A lot of political negotiations will take place first, and in fact we are two years away before we leave and changes take place.Read More »